Metal Lysing Matrix Tubes from MP Bio

Stainless Steel Tubes - Ideal for Grinding, Lysis and Homogenization of Your Most Resistant Samples!

2 mL, w/ Grinding Ball

2 mL, w/ Grinding Cylinder

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Stainless Steel Lysing Matrix Tubes are ideal for grinding, lysis and homogenization of your most resistant samples! Constructed from 308 SS, these tubes and grinding matrix are tough enough to stand up to the most demanding mechanical punishment that can cause traditional thermoplastic tubes to crack.

Our tubes are machined from premium grade billet and deliver superior strength over less expensive production methods such as deep-drawn aluminum tubes.

An oblique angle conical bottom provides a better impact surface than the rounded bottoms of deep-drawn tubes.The stainless steel threaded cap provides a leak-proof closure without the energy-robbing alternatives like plastic flange screw caps or rubber stoppers.

A Teflon O-ring prevents leakage, and can be cleaned with detergent and/or autoclaving, or replaced entirely between samples. Machined knurls on the cap provide a firm grip to easy opening and closing.Two different impactors are available, a single Stainless Steel Ball, ¼” diameter; or a Stainless Steel Cylinder, ¼” diameter x ½” length.


  • Dry grinding very tough or hard samples where heat generated can damage plastic tubes
  • Cryogenic dry grinding where severe cold temps (dry ice or LN2) can damage plastic tubes
  • Milling or grinding non-biological samples where plastic contamination is of concern
  • Sample processing with solvents or chemicals that are incompatible with plastics.

Research Areas and Sample Types

  • Environmental and Agriculture
    • Tough seeds such as Dried Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Tomato and Chile; Wood,Bark, Roots, animal claws and hooves
  • Forensics
    • Bone, Teeth, Hair, Fingernails, non-Biological substrates
  • Cancer and Disease
    • Tough tissues, Bone, Cartilage, Skin
  • Industrial
    • Non Biological, Rocks and Minerals, Plastics and Composites,Printed Circuit Boards, Wood and Building Materials

Stainless Steel


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